You've Got To BB Kidding! |Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream Review

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You've seen it, heard about it, and possibly bought it for yourself! The BB cream craze has hit the Americas for the past several months and now the drugstore has taken this beloved hit by storm. Brands are competing against the high end market for less expensive alternatives for beautiful skin. Today I'm going to be reviewing Olay's first beauty balm. 

The Fresh Effects line is filled with a spectrum of products from cleansing, skincare, and of course make up alternatives. The Fresh Effect BB cream, claiming to create fresh and flawless skin, comes in a 2.5 FL OZ tube and costs about $12 depending on your local market. It states on the box that it has 6 benefits: "Refreshes, brightens, even tones, hydrates, smoothes, and protects". You can learn how to use the product by clicking here

First Look at the product in action: 


Somewhat blended (with fingers)

Completely blended. 
What is this?
Not a bb cream in my book. The labeling on this product is truly a case of identity crisis. 
The product claims to be a BB cream, but is really a tinted moisturizer. Something worth looking into is the catch behind this product. It directs that they want you to reapply it every 2 hours like a sun screen, which I find confusing. So what is it Olay? Is this a bb cream, tinted moisturizer, or sun screen? You are confusing me and my senses! 

How long does this product last? Depends. 
If you are wearing it on a day to day bases in place of your foundation, it will last about 6 hours, if you set it with a powder {no touch ups}. 

Over all, this beauty balm is nothing like a traditional asian bb cream. The self proclaiming "bb cream" is nothing but a tinted moisturizer. Being labeled as a BB Cream should come with a check list. Most beauty balms in Asia have more than just skin perfecting properties, it has actual skincare ingredients that improve the skin with time. The Olay BB is simply a tinted cream that is suitable for sun protection and light coverage. Would I recommend it, no because there are better products out there. 


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