Berricle Necklace Review & Giveaway

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Tis the season to the jolly!
Sorry I haven't been blogging, I had finals and loads of college related business, but I'm getting back into the game! Thank you for your support thus far :)

For those of you who are doing last minute gift ideas, this maybe a great solution. I received a beautiful necklace from Berricle not too long ago.

I chose a sterling sliver crescent moon necklace. The look of the necklace is wonderful and unique. It also reminded me of a childhood cartoon I used to love watching.

After ordering, it arrived within a few days. Berricle packaged the necklaced in a red box and wrapped the box with a pretty pink tissue paper.

Quite beautiful isn't it?
The quality of this necklace is excellent! The jewels are placed precisely and the sterling sliver has a wonderful sheen to it. I also really like the chain, it is not too short or too long. However it is delicate and I would be careful when wearing it. 

I'm actually sensitive to certain necklaces & I was surprised that I did not get a weird reaction (usually a rash) from this necklace. 

Overall, I think this would make the perfect gift for the holidays for a special someone. 
I am currently giving this necklace away on my channel! Check it out :) 


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