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After 2 whole months of going back and forth, le blog is finally going to start construction. I'm extremely excited to announce that my new blog design will be more interactive and will accommodate more topics I've been wanting to cover. Since I'm all over the place, I wish my blog to be organized and maintained well. 

The main points on new redesign:
1. Interaction with my youtube channel.
Its been a process, but I've been trying to figure out a way to compose both articles and videos on this blog. I wanted things to be side by side and interacting with each other, so on the new design, the most current video on the my Youtube channel will have it's own feature on the blog's main page. 
2. More organized Topics.
I enjoy typing about everything and things can get messy pretty quick. So this new design will insure and maintain topics in proper order. 
3. Overall design is pretty awesome.
& that ends that. 
The recent hiatus on blogging these past couple months has given me more time to think about where I want this blog to go & what I would like to see in the future. & Since it's summer and I am not cramming the books consistently every single day, I will be spending more time doing the things I enjoy. 


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