There's No Going Back: New Design, New Outlook.

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So the past couple hours has been quite a journey. If you can't tell, my blog has undergone a transformation! Before it was very...loud and girly. Not that its a bad combo, but I personally felt like I've grown out of. Though my love for watercolor is still strong, I transition my colorful blog for a more minimalistic appearance with a touch of my personality.

Moving on, I have finally concluded my reasons for not blogging as often as I Macbook Pro  had finally faced what they called 'The White Screen Of Death' last year (RIP 2010-2013). After that incident I was taking 21 credit hours of college (never again!) and just lost motivation since there wasn't a lot of time for me to sit down and blog. So the other day I had a 'spur of the moment' and decided to purchase a Macbook Air, which was $100 off yesterday, and well the rest is history. Well not really, since I've only had this laptop for about 24 hours :)

So I went through my external hard drive and found a ton of pictures of beauty products and DIY I did not post online yet and I will we going through those and posting them soon. As well as my very requested Instagram Headboard DIY!
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